Meet Dr. Marla

About Dr. Marla

Dr. Marla is an avid spa goer and enjoys receiving monthly treatments to help relax and rejuvenate herself so that she may be able to take care of her patients more efficiently. She realized that in order to allow spinal manipulations to be more effective, the body must be totally RELAXED.  This is why she believes in combining massage therapy and spa/ body treatments with chiropractic therapy.


Her passion is making her patients heal in a relaxing spa like environment on a smaller scale in her small but quaint office. You will discover aromatherapy, a  calming water fountain and soothing spa music playing as soon as you enter her spa.  


Dr. Marla will gladly take her time with you to customize a wellness package that will get you to optimal health in a very unique way with her treatments. Whether you are looking soothe muscle and joint tension or just need to unwind and relax, Dr. Marla is just a text message or phone call away to help you.


So come experience total relaxation and pain relief at Dr. Marla's Chiro won't regret it!

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