Hydra Facial Treatment

Hydra Facial Treatment

Hydrafacials are a gentler form of microdermabrasion combining water and oxygen to reveal a smoother, balanced skin tone. It is suitable for all skin types, including highly sensitive skin. A hydrafacial treatment uses serums with high-tech suction to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. The process starts by deep-cleansing the face to decongest the pores and loosen dead skin cells. Next the hydrafacial handpiece is used to exfoliate and then infuse a mix of serums pertaining to your skin type. The next step targets tightening with radiofrequency (aka "RF"), cold hammer treatment to shrink the pores and lifting the face using a microcurrent handpiece that combines infusing the final soothing serum and stimulating and exercise the facial nerves and muscles. A treatment mask along with LED light therapy is added using red light to stimulate collagen for antiaging purposes or blue light for an antibacterial treatment for oily or acne skin types. An ice globe treatment may be added to stimulate, tighten, soothe your skin, reduce redness and provides a brighter and radiant complexion. The ultrasound handpiece is use to infuse moisturizing cream or gel into the skin to complete the hydration process. And finally, a refreshing oxygen sprayer seals in the moisture on your refreshed, glowing and new skin!

Benefits of HydraFacials:

  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Improve skin texture.

  • Minimize the pores.

  • Visibly softer and smoother skin.

  • Reduction in the appearance of scar tissue.

**Anti-Aging HydraFacial

(Anti-Aging/Dry Skin type)......$195/90-minute session

(includes aroma steam double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, hydradermabrasion aqua serum, BIO lift, Radiofrequency, cold lymphatic probe, treatment mask with LED red light, ice globe facial massage, oxygen infusion spray, moisturizer)

**Deep Pore Cleansing HydraFacial

(Oily Skin Type)......$150/75-minute session (includes aroma steam double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, ultrasound skin scrubber, hydradermabrasion aqua serum, high frequency, treatment mask with LED blue light, oxygen infusion spray, moisturizer)